About Me

I recently started "building in public" -- actually building things on your own and putting them out into the world to get feedback and see how they're received.

My latest project is Ali Rohde Jobs -- a weekly newsletter of just Chief of Staff and BizOps roles in tech. The newsletter grew to 1000+ subscribers in just over a month, and is continuing to grow fast.

I have an untraditional path into tech. Before joining my first startup, I worked as the Communications Director for Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ). In that job, I discovered that politics wasn't for me long-term, but that I loved the chaotic, fast-moving environment that was a political campaign. I looked for other fields where I could replicate the same environment, and found a perfect fit in early-stage startups.

I love swapping tips and sharing stories with other people in tech. I am a member of Contrary Talent, On Deck, the Renaissance Collective, the Chief of Staff Network, and the Operator's Guild.